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Master Barton Charles Gonzales:

Is the Founder, Owner and Master Instructor of the Hawaii Taekwondo Academy 

He truly thanks our Lord and Savior for his blessings and support of the Civilian and Military Communities he taught Taekwondo for  27 and half  years on the Island of Oahu Hawaii, and in the West Valley of Phoenix Arizona for 5 and half years.

*  Instrumental in the initial implementation, development, and growth of  Taekwondo Martial Art programs for:

  *  Schofield Barracks 25th Infantry Division Oahu Hawaii
  *  Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Oahu Hawaii
  *  Hickam Air Force Base Oahu Hawaii
  *  Kaneohe Marine Corp Air Station Oahu Hawaii
  *  Luke Air Force Base Phoenix Arizona

*  Certified 6th Degree Black Belt: World Taekwondo Union

*  Certified 5th Degree Black Belt: World Taekwondo Federation

*  An applicant and selective for the 1979 FORSCOM Triathlon Team Trials

*  An applicant and selective for the 1979 All Army Triathlon Team Trials

*  These prestigious competitions are the U.S. Military selection process of candidates for the U.S. Modern Pentathlon Teams (an Olympic event)

*  An applicant, selective, and Medalist in the 1988, 1989, 1991, & 1992 All Army Taekwondo Training Camps/Competition Team Trials, and in the 1991 Conseil International Du Sport Militaire C.I.S.M North American Region Taekwondo Friendship Exchange Championships

*  Master Barton Charles Gonzales also coached and trained, Active Duty Service Member Black Belt Students who were also applicants,  selected and medalist at subsequent All Army Taekwondo Training Camps/Competition Team Trials from 1988 - 1999

*  A medalist in the 1991, 1992, 1993, & 1994 U.S. National Taekwondo Championships

*  A medalist in numerous Hawaii State and Western Regional Taekwondo Championships 1980 - 1995

*  After a 4 year absence from competition: a medalist in the 1999 U.S. International Open, Hawaii State, and the U.S. National Taekwondo Championships

*  A finisher in the upper 20 % class of 7 Honolulu Marathons and 1 Maui Marathon

*  An Actual Kick Boxer 1982 - 1994

*  A former Hawaii Amateur World Karate Association (W.K.A.) and International Kick boxing Council (K.I.C.K) Full Contact Kick Boxing Champion

* Instructor of several Hawaii State, Western Regional, USA Jr. Olympic, USA Sr. National Taekwondo and U.S. Armed Forces Military Champions

*  In special  recognition, the Hawaii Taekwondo Academy Inc, Master Gonzales, and many of his students are  recipients of the U.S Presidential Sports Award from President Bill Clinton

*  Several students having trained a minimum of 3-4 years earning their Black Belts have continued to train under Master Gonzales for over 21 years.

*  Several students who have earned their Black Belts have either assumed, or started under Master Gonzales' guidance and or direction, their own independent Taekwondo Martial Art training facilities

*  Master Gonzales ancestors descended from Spain and  France, hereditary includes Irish, Scotch, and American Indian, being the 5th generation born in the United States, is very proud of his American heritage and to have served 20 years his civic duties  for  the United States of America and to have Retired Honorably from the Department of Defense, Branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Army.  He is also very appreciative to all his commanding Officers and Seniors recognizing, recommending and approving all the Awards and decorations he earned during his Military service.

*  Master Gonzales is proud to have provided his public service as A former Hawaii State Adult Corrections Officer for the Oahu Community Corrections Center. and to the flying public of Phoenix Sky Harbor international Airport  under the Department of Transportation Transportation Security Administration.

* Master Barton Charles Gonzales believes in helping students achieve high goals and has set an example as a Federal Aviation Administration Certified Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Rated Pilot.

*  Master Barton Charles Gonzales welcomes you and appreciates your trust/support and the opportunity to continue providing  quality Taekwondo Martial art Instructional/training programs for you and your entire family.

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